ISAHWA Youth Fellowship
ISAHWA is the youth wing of our ministry. ISAHWA-meaning ‘WE BELONG TO JESUS’ is an energetic field for molding the youngsters as warriors for the Lord in these days. We are blessed with a strong battalion of youth – very supportive, submissive, soul winners and pose a back bone of the ministry. We have more than 150 youth who are active warriors. We conduct a district level youth festival yearly which is attended and been a blessing for more than 2000 youngsters. The ISAHWAIANS are trained in a way to minister in and around the city mainly among the backslidden and immortal living youngsters.

Men & Women’s Fellowship
The men and women’s fellowship is the back bone for the ministry. They support the ministry through their regular fasting prayers, all night prayers, etc.

Children Ministry
The children ministry is the main source f growth of the ministry. The non-Christian children who attend the children ministry are touched and blessed which takes a turn to bring parents and later on their entire families to the Church. Each year more than 150 children in each church attend the Vacation Bible School which is a great blessing.

Grace Oldage Home
A blessing in disguise is nurturing and caring the old people and this ministry is done with great Happiness by us where few aged mothers forsaken by their children are taken care of.

Social Activities
The social activities undertaken by TPH is feeding the poor and Roadside beggars. Monetary support to the students who are in need. Sponsoring a gift box (provision for a month) during festival occasions. Distributing UPS (Inverter) to studying children where power cuts are more. Helping the poor children for their education.

Seminars and Conferences
Organizing and conducting seminars, prayer summits for the leaders of the city. Equipping them to work in unity for the transformation of the city.


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